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Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning and Restoration

Many homeowners are frustrated with the way their cedar shake roof looks Builders and Realtors do not tell you cedar shake shingles need to be maintained. The cedar shake shingles are made up of two components. The felt and the cedar shake shingle. The shingle protects the felt and the felt protects the roof. If you maintain the shingle you protect the integrity of your roof. Moss, Algae, Lichen and Fungi infestation will hold water in your cedar shingle and deteriorate the cedar shingle causing them to buckle, split, and rot the wood. Our non-pressure service cleans and protects and preserves your roof extending the life of your roof.Cedar Shake on its own will not decay. Cedar Shake is an extremely durable material even under adverse conditions, but its useful life depends upon the environment and rather or not the roof is maintained. High humidity, uv exposure, shade trees, slope of roof and the age of the wood shake shingle all contribute to the need for cleaning and restoring wood shake shingles. Pine needles, branches, leaves and dirt will affect the cedar shake lifespan. Infestations of Moss, mold, lichen, white and brown rot fungi retain moisture and cause water to back up the roof enough to run over the top of the shingles and will damage your wood roof.

Power washing can seriously damage a cedar roof. Aggressive power washing in combination with strong cleaning solutions can damage wood roofs, particularly those made of cedar or redwood. It’s a good idea to have a professional clean your roof like The Roof Cleaner. We use a Soft-Wash System to clean your roof and we do it from ladders, so we do not get on your roof.

Cladonia Cristatella commonly known as the British Soldiers Lichen. The little red caps that resemble the red hats worn by British troops give the Lichen its common name. British Soldiers is the hardest of all types of Lichen to remove from Cedar Shake because it roots grow deep into the cells of the cedar Shake.

The Roof Cleaner cleans and restores all wood species and types used in roofing to include: Tapersawn Shakes, Cedar Shakes, Western Redcedar, Yellow Cedar, Redwood Shingles, Handsplit Shakes, Tapersplit Shakes, and Western Cedar Shingles.

Why worry about a dirty roof?

Because a clean and preserved roof looks a lot better than a re-roofers bill!
The worst thing to do, however, is to do nothing at all!